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Kingsdown Mattress in Sylmar

In 1962 the shooting sank into the Pernerita Gorge and destroyed all the clinics, the dental office, and several other buildings. 1965 It was planned to build 20 million dollars at the expense of the new building. In 1967, the construction cost of a six-story building reached $ 23 million, which would become the largest center for treating Western respiratory diseases in the Mississippi River. The hospital, also populated by a 30-bed psychiatric hospital, was opened in 1970. In October. 1971 On February 8, a new hospital was destroyed by an earthquake (see above). Los Angeles Regional Engineering Office. Two patients and a crew member died. The rehabilitation of the hospital began, but it was suspended for some time in 1978. Following the 13 offer from California voters in June, which sharply limited local communities' assessments. At the end of the $ 120 million new hospital was completed, which opened in 1987. In May:

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