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Kingsdown Mattress in Redondo Beach

State and Federal Territorial Representation in the California State Legislature, Redondo Beach is located in the 26th district of the Senate, represented by Democrat Ben Allen and the 66th Assembly, represented by Democrat Al Muratsucci. In the US House of Representatives, Redondo Beach is in the 33rd Californian district, represented by Democrat Ted Lew. Politics In the presidential election, Barack Obama won 59% of votes and John McCain won 37%. The city's Redondo Beach Unified School serves the city. Redondo Union High School is a high school district located in the neighborhood of Patricia Dreizler, located in the east of the Redondo Union High School, serving as a continual school. The Redondo Beach Education Academy, the school for the 9-12th grade, is located in Redondo Beach's South Bay adult school. Dreisler continues to be the continuation of California's secondary school. The Individual Study Program is supported by 9-12 grades and is hosted at the Patrick's Dale University. In addition, there are two senior schools in Redondo Beach. Adams High School and Parras High School. Adams High School in North Redondo, located on the northern Redondo beach, serves mostly Grade 6-8 students in North Redondo, Parrassa's High School, Southern Redondo Beach. The city also has eight student classrooms: Alta Vista, Berry Haggs, Burnie, Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Tulita and Washington. All twelve schools are distributed equally on the North and South Redondo Beach, in five main schools and one high school, in the northern / central part of Redondo Beach. and four main schools, one high school and the only high school in South Redondo Beach. The Redondo Beach Education Foundation was established in 1992 and was updated in 2008. Christ's Christian Academy (formerly Coastal Christian School) is located in Redondo Beach.

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