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Kingsdown Mattress in Monterey Park

Two elementary schools, Hillcrest and Monterey Vista (both in Monterey Park), serve this part of the city. Monterey Vista - school, blue ribbon. This section also serves Garvey High School (Rosemead). The students take part in the Albrecht High School after Mark Ceppel after the eighth grade. Los Angeles Unified School District Primary School in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Monterey Park, Griffith High School, and Garfield High School (Los Angeles Univercity without Education). Montebello Bella Vista Elementary School, Monterey Park, Potrero Heights Elementary School, South San Gabriel; The High School in Massey, the Monterey Park and the Schurre High School in Montebello serve a part of the Moser Montebello. Private schools

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