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Screen blinds on the PLACEO bioclimatic pergola will provide privacy and a host of other benefits. A pergola in front of the bedroom is therefore a must.

The living room pergola is not the only option

Most often, people have a pergola or a winter garden near the living room or, for example, a canteen. It counts on social events and is therefore placed in the center of the house. However, to build a pergola to the bedroom is an option that does not deny you the social events under the pergola. Conversely, it adds another feature.

Access the pergola from the garden to organize a party without a group of friends going through the bedroom. And give the bedroom a suitable and tasteful shade. Shutters or blinds will suffice. This will keep the intimacy of the bedroom and you will be able to use the pergola for many occasions. Sometimes it will only be yours, sometimes it will be for everyone.

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