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Kingsdown Mattress in Burbank

In 1931, Lockheed was part of Detroit Aircraft Corp., which was bankrupt by Lockheed. A year later, the Investor Group purchased Lockheed's assets. New owners have invested their limited resources in all of the blue sky transport development model 10 Electra: He flew for the first time in 1934 and quickly won world renown. A booklet on Burbank's 50th Anniversary as a city advertised Payheed's salary at the end of almost 1200, in 1936. Rental of the airport production company contributed to the creation of favorable working conditions at that time. Moreland's truck factory was later used by Lockheed's Vega Aircraft Corporation, which was preparing a so-called "researcher aircraft." Amelia Earhart flew to the Atlantic Ocean. In 1936, Lockheed officially acquired Vega Aircraft in Burbank.

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