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kingsdown mattress in altadena

At night, wear a lightweight, cotton T-shirt in which the skin can breathe and sweat sweat. Put ice packs on your wrists and knees shortly before bedtime. Why right there? Because in those places the skin is thinnest. They lived beneath it, so they cool quickly, and cold blood flows into the body. Such a tiling will reduce body temperature faster than a shower. Put a towel in the freezer, which you then lay on the pillow. You can try to freeze the entire pillow. However, it is rather risky. Be careful what you are before bedtime. Do not eat much, not fatty foods (fat "heats" the organism) and do not drink a lot of liquids at bedtime to avoid unnecessary swallowing at night. get mattress for product from high-elastic foam with thermoregulation. The ideal solution for hot nights is the Polargel - a gel foam mattress that provides ideal air conditioning and air circulation during sleep. It warms up in the winter and cools in summer, ensuring a calm and balanced sleep.Use only cotton or silk sheets. Put satin and polyester on cooler nights. Indeed, they appear light and cool to the touch, but in fact they get very hot from the body and do not leak air. Ultimately, we sweat even more beneath them. Even the bed can be cooled by a thermophore. Just pour water into it, let it freeze and put the thermofor under the sail. However, water must not reach the edge of the thermophore because it increases its volume in the solid state and could rupture the thermophore. Protect the bedroom from heat by heating, mattress and bedding. Do not open windows and pull blinds (or blinds or shutters). Evening when it is colder, open the windows and try to make drafts. However, do not sleep in the dirt to keep it warm in the middle of the night. If possible, hang a wet sail near the window to cool the air flowing into the room. Although the ice melts rapidly in the heat, it cools the air. Turn off all electrical equipment (including the computer) you can. Every electrical device emits heat and every extra degree is counted in the hot night. We wake up more often, and insomnia worries many. What to do to sleep and sleep well under these conditions?

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