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King Mattress in West Los Angeles

YULA Boys High School, Yeshiva School. Or Chanoch Boys, Los Angeles High School Girls, Yes Vista School, Isiah Pre-School and Kindergarten, St. Sebastian School, St. Mary Magdalen Elementary School, Rabbi Jacob Pressman Academy, Los Angeles Los Angeles, Bayis Chaya Mushka Habadi, West Los Angeles Mkrtich School and Venice's First Lutheran School are nearby private schools. Harvard Heights Pacific University is a college graduate and student. Public Libraries The Los Angeles Public Library operates in the West Los Angeles Regional Library. The Stoner Recreation Center is in the area. The center includes water parks, barbecue sticks, lighted baseball diamonds, bright outdoor basketball courts, children's playground, enlivened football field, gravity gym and 300 people's capacity, table tennis tables, luminous football field, pool tennis courts and lighting volleyball courts. The annual Balm Festival sponsored by the South American Community Center of Eastern Los Angeles is being held at the festival. Other parks and recreational areas in the area include Cheviot Hills Park, Rancho Park Golf Course, and Reynee Park. Savtel's boulevard has become one of the city's most popular food streets, and the entire 90025 postal code covering both sides of the 405 passage goes to the destruction of old houses rather than in the city. The Fox Broadcasting Company maintains KTTV and KCOP for South Bundy Drive, as well as for Fox Sports national programs. West Los Angeles also resides in The Village's recording studio, which has been used for musical projects, including for directors, filmmakers and television directors, as well as for radio programs.

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