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King Mattress in West Hills

Currently, the West Hills region is home to the native Americans of Tongwa-Fernandeno and Chumash-Venturano, living in Simmil Hills, not from Belk Creek and from the Los Angeles River. American Indigenous civilizations are inhabited by the Fernando Valley, about 8,000 years old. From the Chumash-Venturanos, the village of Houam was located not far from the modern Bell Canyon park on Castle Peak. It was a meeting place and shared with people from Tongwa Fernandeno and Tataviam Fernandeno. The cave near Huyam, known as the Munitsi Cave, is considered to be the home of Chumashi Moonits, an African shaman killed by an eagle after the assassination of his son. Escorpion Peak is one of nine floating points in the original homeland of Chumas, which considers it necessary to maintain a balance in the natural world. Spanish and Mexican history

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