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King Mattress in Valley Village

The filmmaker Marilyn Monroe, who was married to Norma Jean Dougherty, who was married in 1944-45, at the cinema at 5258 Hermitage, destroyed the developer in 2015. To occupy a place for the condominium project in June, though it was considered a historic sign. She lived there at the age of 17, and her husband, James Dougherty, was in the fleet, and she worked with parachute inspection at a nearby factory. He lived there when he was asked to ask for his first wrapped photo. Nevertheless, it was said that the house constructions would be small, as Ken Burnstein, as the director of the city's historical department, says: "There are hundreds, thousands of people connected to talented houses. Monroe lived in this house for only a year and did not live in this section during his career, according to the urban planning officials report. 2015 In October, Los Angeles sued the destruction of the house of Save Valley Village. It refers to the "elders' practical behavior that automatically takes into account the wishes of a member of the council who represent a dispute in any area." The group stated that it also had "irrefutable evidence" that the environmental report should be prepared for a specific project. In addition, the group asked the city to eliminate the merged support programs for the past twelve months.

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