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King Mattress in Tujunga

A temporary advertising slogan was "Move with Tudjungu on a wire and a cement box and build your own." Immediately after the end of the First World War, hundreds of Los Angeles villagers made "overpricing hire" and they built their houses "from the masses of stones and anchors," building the whole city. In many cases, the style of "Indian Puppy" or "Hill Hill" style was followed, and rock-free houses were rare. 1927 Tusunga had about 4,000 inhabitants, surpassing the Eastern population. Many residents kept small farms with parks, birds, rabbits, bees, and other livestock. Tusunga was John Steven Maggart, playwright, US Congressman and California poet laureate. He lived in a house that he built and built in 1923, known as Rancho Chupa Rosa. The building is a historic cultural monument to the city of Los Angeles (No. 63) and is now known as the Art McGroarty Center.

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