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King Mattress in Toluca Lake

1923 Investors bought and developed a land called Tolyan Lake. This initial venture failed, but soon came a new group called Toluca Lake's development company. In the "San Fernando Valley" vision of creating the first "sleeping community" in Los Angeles, the company officially changed the name of the community to the "Tolka lake" and received its logo on the "cracked water" associated with the community. The city was also called Lankersex. Colonel JB In 1888, Lancershim founded the city of Tolyá, on the eastern edge of a large family property. The city has been renamed from Tolk to Lowershim in 1896. In 1927, Hollywood's fairy tale inspired local merchants to start a campaign to change the name of the community in North Hollywood. The original city of Tolyá is now Tolká's lake.

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