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King Mattress in Sylmar

On February 9, at 6 pm, On January 1, a 6.5 magnitude earthquake struck Sylmary region after a breakthrough in the neighborhood. It is known as a result of the earthquake of San Fernando or the earthquake of Silmar, which has resulted in 58 deaths and more than $ 500 million damage. Three people died in the olive-type medical center, including two patients with live support systems who did not work when the auxiliary generators did not start. The third was an ambulance driver who broke down the falling wall. The hospital building fell to the ground. About 600 patients were evacuated, two of them were parking. The boys' market fell to the ground and collapsed. The juvenile hall was severely damaged. One of his buildings fell on the "almost ceiling". Two weeks later, normality returned to many in the San Fernando Valley, but in The Sylmere, according to The New York Times,

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