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King Mattress in South Pasadena

In May, the MTP Board voted unanimously to support the proposal of the 710 tunnel and all the previously funded streets and other improvements, effectively killing the unplanned project in the foreseeable future. South Pasadena is located in the western part of the San Gabriel Valley, north of Mount San Rafael, west of Arroyo Seco in the west and in the southern part of Pasadena in the Caspian region. Common cities are Los Angeles from the west and south, from Pasadena in the north, San Marino in the east, and Alhambra in the south-east. According to the United States Census Bureau, the total area of the city is 3.42 square meters. Miles (8.9 km2) make almost the entire country. Geographical Position Diagram, showing the location of South Pasadena with other cities 8 kilometers away.

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