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King Mattress in Sierra Madre

The six-week vista event took place in the 1930s. The people who were walking around to see the giant visteria cucumber were estimated at more than 100,000 people. Such a large number of visitors have been shown at the "Pacific Electric Road" in Sierra Madera as an additional "red car". 1940s 1942 On May 14, the Japanese population of Sierra Madera had to move to Toulou, California. Over the past decade, Sierra Madrid's Civic Club and Sierra Leone Club have been organized. Sierra Mage Kindergarten has also been opened. 1947 In May, the first Pioneer Days took place. The most recorded snow in Sierra-Mada took place in 1949, covering the city with 3-4 inches of snow every night. Middle Ages, 1950 On Tuesday, October 6, the last seismic electric train from Sierra Madera was left. In 1951, Larry Shepard and Fred Lallon created the Sierra Madre search and rescue team. Sierra Meir joined the Pasadena-US school in 1961. In 1967, Princess Margaret visited the British House Sierra Madre. The Cultural Heritage Committee was established in 1969 by the City Council of Sierra Madre for the purpose of defining Sierra Madre's urban cultural and aesthetic guidelines and developing recommendations for the preservation of such guidelines. In 1969 the city acquired a women's club to demolish it and make it to the new municipality building.

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