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King Mattress in Sawtelle

The combined area of Sawtelle extends over a distance of about 1,6 km from both sides of the island of Santa Monica as it moves toward the Mediterranean 405 and about 2.1 km from Sawtelle Boulevard in the direction of Santa Monica, ending at Stanenela Avenue. The Japanese-American community, located near the beach in the United (City) area, between Santa Monica and the Olympic Boulevards. It includes Japanese markets and restaurants, a few kiosks, karaoke bars and shops. These are the remains of more Japanese-American business presence in the region before World War II, when many of those stores were closed and the residents appeared in the Japanese American invasion. On the Savtelle Boulevard, in the southern part of Sautland, Japan's SavlaLa Institute is the cultural center of the Nikkei Community of Western Los Angeles. Educational Institutions Public Schools

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