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King Mattress in Santa Monica

Santa Monica's position is on the three levels along Bloomingdale and Nordstrom in the southern part of Promenade. After the reconstruction, the shopping center was reopened in 2010. In autumn as a modern shopping, entertainment and restaurant complex, lots of open spaces. Santa Monica hosts the annual Santa Monica Film Festival. The city's oldest cinema is magnificent. Opened in 1912 and known as Maideyr Theater, it was closed after the earthquake in 1994 in the North. The Aero Theater (now run by American cinematographer) and the Theatrical Theater was built in the 1930s and still show films. The Santa Monica dump is supported by dozens of movie screens. Palisades Park stretches across the winter cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the ocean-friendly favorite park. It includes Totem Pole, Camera Obsession, Artwork, Benches, Picnic Area, Penitentiary Field and Bathtubs.

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