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King Mattress in Palms

1914 On June 1, the unacceptability ended with 342-136 votes, and in 1915, On May 4, Los Angeles voters approved the annexation of the state of Pals, as well as the San Fernando valley. Two Palms and Valley entered Los Angeles, 1915 On May 22. 1904 The printed Southern California Travel Guide notes that trees in the trees "have called great grains that are far from the region." Along the sidewalk in the South Pacific, and that "the road leading from Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean is placed in Santa Monica at the Santa Claus and the Oceania Park, putting its line in the sixteen miles or more belt of each belt." In the twentieth century, a specific article was dropped for decades. In the 1920s, the name of the local transit cards was simply "pallets".

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