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King Mattress in Northridge

CSUN began as a workshop on the streets of Worhwf and the College in Ystvand Avenue and officially opened in 1956 as a San Fernando Valley Campaign at the Los Angeles College of Applied Arts and Sciences. Two years later, she divorced from her parents and became a state college in San Fernando State. However, in the early 1970's, this school became known as the University of California, Northridge. 2016 In the autumn, CSUN reached about 40,000 students. The 2004 survey showed CSUN is a major investor for the local economy, ranging from $ 663 million to $ 686 million. In addition, CSUN employs 5,800 people directly from the university and adds another 5,700-6,000 jobs to local businesses. Social change in Northridge California, California, is one of the most diverse places in North Korea and is now one of the largest cultural classes in Cal State Schools systems, but before that it was different. 1906 During the course, many black students were considered the most racist local institute of state valley college (CSUN). In autumn 1968, only 200 of the 18,000 students were African Americans. The school was not only silent during the murder of Dr. King, but six months later he ignored the player's terrorist act on the player's accusations. At that time the school conditions were changed because of the complaints by the "Black Campaign" Union. They were asked to create a black education department that earned a degree, collecting 500 new black students a year, a charismatic teacher, immunity, abusing black students, and much more. The "Life Magazine" had a lot of racial tension between black and white. "San Fernando's residents, conservatives, are mostly white, excited, confused and shocked by what happened in the Valley of the Valley." In January, a 27-year-old rally was held in the school, where 27 people were arrested. This time 286 students and teachers were arrested during the protest action, and surprisingly many were white. When the state valley became a campaign for activists and changed its name to the State University of North California. The college has never been a white conservative camp. Movies & TV

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