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King Mattress in Monterey Park

In the 1980s, the second generation of Chinese Americans moved mainly from the old Kinata to the suburbs of San Gabriel, joining Taiwan and China's new immigrants. From the time the Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong students entered the high school at that time. Mark Keppella, built in the New Deal Century and located in Alhambra, also served Monterey Park and Parts Rosmid, that affected by this new immigration as the number of students increased dramatically, leading to overcrowding. Today many students are Asian Americans of the second or third generation. In 1988, Monterey City Park signed a moratorium on the construction of a new building for the rapid growth of the city as a result of the inflow of Asian immigrants. This moratorium was contested and lost in 1989. This controversial move forced many Asian residents and businesses to move their attention to the nearby city of Alhama. When the potential loss of business income was recognized, "Monterey Park had a great deal of shock, which made a lot of regret" and the Asian-American community advised to return to Monterey Park.

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