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King Mattress in Los Feliz

Los Feliz also lived with many other early striptes, such as DW Griffith, now selling The Prospect Studios (formerly known as First National Warner Brothers and recently ABC Television Center), Prospect Avenue, and Talmage Street at the crossroads, Sunset Boulevard was Monogram Pictures (KCET Public Television), where she starred Charlie Chan's early films, as well as Dorothy Lamore and Hurricane's piano classic Johnny Githar. (Zapadnaya Street has survived the film until mid 1980s, when KCET broke the building with the face of the country to make parking available). Fire in May 2007, May 8-9, about 800 acres (3.2 km2) in the Los Fellini and Griffith Park, landscaped areas, including the famous Dante look, were destroyed by fire. After the fire, the city of Los Angeles has pledged millions of dollars to restore the damage.

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