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King Mattress in La Crescenta

In the state legislature, La Cesessiona-Montrose is in the 25th district of Senate, by Senator Carol Lew and a member of the 43rd Assembly of the Assembly, MP Laura Friedman. On the federal level, La Crescenta-Montrose is located in California's 28th plain and represents Congressman Adam Schiff. The Los Angeles Sheriff Board (LASD) operates La Crescenta's Crescenta Valley, serving La Crescenta and Montrose. The area was part of the Tonga people's homeland. He became a branch of Rancho La Cañada, which was awarded the Mexican Land Grant by Mexican Governor Manuel Michelteria in 1843, Mexico Teacher in Puybole de Los Angeles, Ignacio Coronel (1795-1862). La Crescenta does not mean "half a year", ie Spanish will become el creciente. From his home, an early dweller, Benjamin B. Briggs "could see the shapes of the three vessels that offered his artificial name," which was adopted in 1888. Montrose was selected as a result of a division competition. Established in 1913 as part of La Crescenta development. 1934 Great Flood

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