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King Mattress in Koreatown

Weekly massacres were destroyed in most parts of Koreaatua. In Los Angeles, $ 50 million was damaged, half of which was due to Korean companies. The roads between Koratao and the safer areas were closed during the breakdown. Some Koreans offered Americans to be in danger. One of the residents says: "It was a restraint. The police block the traffic on the corridor and on the other side without help. These roads are the gateway to the richer areas. This can not be denied. Many Korean Americans who killed the survivors showed that it showed that tribes and ethnic minorities should join one another to protect from a system that does not protect white citizens from commitment or energy to white citizens. Edward Lynne, an 18-year-old Korean-American, and three of his friends went to protect the Korean company's pizza shop. Li was shot by rebels. Hyungwon Kang captured Lee's current famous face photo.

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