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King Mattress in Highland Park

The United States Postal Service The Highland Park Post Office is located on 5930 North Figueroa Street. 12 firefighting stations in Los Angeles are in the area. Highland Park is serviced by Highland Park (LACMTA station) along the lighthouse of Gold Line. The station is an island platform located near the 57th intersection of North Avenue on the way to Mary (a block from North Fierrocha Street). It also serves local bus lines 81, 83, 176 and 256 as well as the bus line LADOT DASH Highland Park / Eagle Rock. Highland Park serves historic Arroyo Seco Park (California, California, California), formerly called Pasadena Highway. Highland Park is divided into the following LAUSD schools: Territorial schools include: Residents were distributed to Luther Berber's High School and Franklin High School. The University also serves at the Los Angeles International Charter High School and the Academy Charter Academy. Coordinates: 34 ° 06'43 ". 118 ° 11'53" e / 34.11194 °. -118,19806

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