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King Mattress in Griffith Park

Nearly one hundred acres of Kauenga Peak were acquired by means of a wide range of donors except for $ 1.7 million. From the US to the city and the park was added in 2010. In July, the total area of the garden was 4,310 acre (1,740 hectares). Set Pioneer film DG Griffith ("Griffith Park") In 1915 he shot scenes for his epic movie "Birth of the Earth in the Garden". During these years, a number of films have been shot in the park, such as Flareup (1969) Racquel Welch. Other Activities Most of the park includes wild, overloaded natural areas, pedestrian and horse tracks, and this area separates the garden from many areas or activities of "pockets". There are various concession areas, golf courses, banquets, pony and train journeys and tennis courts. In 2014, two baseball fields on the eastern side of the Griffin Park were proposed to eliminate 44 trees and change the area of 4 hectares (1.6 hectares), the largest tourist area in the park, often used for large family gatherings, cultural fairs. festivals, meetings, and other special occasions. The plan can be modified to save an airplane tree, which is the city's "heritage tree", the history of Los Angeles.

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