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King Mattress in Eagle Rock

Hill Avenue, now Hill Drive, is historically considered one of the most beautiful streets of Eagle Rock. Other streets include Royal Drive (now Royal Drive), Acacia (now Laverna Avenue), Kenilworth Avenue (now Hermos Avenue), Highland Avenue (now Highland View Avenue) and Fairmont Avenue (now Maywood) Avenue. In the 1950s, new squares, such as Kincheloy Drive, expanded into the mountains to build large houses overlooking the city. Today these streets are large and expensive large-scale houses. There are many historic and architectural houses in the neighborhood, many of which are in the styles of "Artisan", "Georgian", "Strymline Modern", "Art Deco" and "Revival of Mission". Eagle Rock, a separate municipality, still has its original city hall (Colorado 2035 Colorado State Historical and Cultural Monument No. 59). In 1914, its original Carnegie-sponsored library was replaced by a new building in 1927, which used a wall and an old library cellar. This building (Colorado Boulevard 2225) has entered the National Historic Places Registry and turned into an art center, Eagle Rock, formerly the Eagle Rock Community Cultural Center.

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