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King Mattress in Culver City

In James Travolta's "Slot", "Oil" was shot at the Drive-In studio at the Jefferson and Sepulveda Corner. It has served as many other films, including Pee-Wee's great adventure. The theater was closed in 1993 and collapsed in 1998. is currently a housing unit with large homes in smaller settlements, as well as a Kayne-ERAS center, a school and a community center for people with disabilities and disabilities. Culver City streets have been featured in numerous films and television series. Since most of the architecture has not changed in decades, especially in residential areas, the series of nostalgic comedy series "Wonders of the Year" puts many episodes at Culver City. In the 1970s and 1980s CHiP, there were also numerous persecution scenes on the streets. Nicolas Cage's Matchstick Men presented the scenes of the veteran's memorial complex, which also featured the screening of The Hogan Family comedy series.

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