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King Mattress in Chinatown

In 1996, Oscar winner ("Dying Fields" in 1985), as a result of kidnapping by members of the Asian gang, died of Cambodia's refugee, physician and actor Haying S. Ngoror. He should have been killed for his activity in Cambodia against the USSR regime, but that idea was later revealed. In 2000, many people left China and went to the Monterey Park, which is located in the Chinese community of San Gabriel Valley. In 2000, AsiaWeek insisted that Chinatown in Los Angeles was "sad". 2008 On June 28, the establishment of New Chiatown took place in 1938 as part of the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Chinese celebration. "Despite the lack of shower and mess in San Francisco's Chinatown, the Los Angeles version has its own charm." As new developments are being confirmed, urban officials and housing activists claim that more affordable housing should be included in the number of flats and condominiums.

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