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King Mattress in Chatsworth

Old Santa Susan's Road or Santa Susanna Road Continues to Be Used as El Camino Via in 1861-1875 An alternative to the routes, replacing the old road as the main route between Los Angeles and San Francisco. In 1876, the South Pacific Railway opened the tunnel through Newhall Pass, providing rail links from San Francisco to Los Angeles, and soon the railroad service replaced the intercity bus to Los Angeles and San Francisco. From now on, the Santa Barbara Island has re-utilized the coastal route, and the Santa Susana passage has moved to the local transport. The name of Chatsworth, England's famous Chatsworth House, was first recorded in 1888, when George R. The Valley of Crouf San Fernando presented a section called the Chatsworth Park, Los Angeles County Registration Service. Later, WB Barber, San Fernando's chairman of the Valley Improvement Company, as the UK, has issued an additional card to the registration office called the "Chatsworth Park Townsite Plat".

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