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King Mattress in Burbank

The first Burbank phone switch or telephone switchboard was established in 1900. In August, becoming the first in the San Fernando Valley. Five years later, there were several phone calls in the valley that became known to the San Fernando Valley home telephone number in Glendale. Home Phone competed with Tropico, and in 1918 the two companies moved to the Pacific Ocean telephone company. There are currently about 300 phones in the Burbank, which are off. The city's first bank was formed in 1908, when the Bank of Burybank opened its doors at the corner of Olive Avenue and San Fernando Avenue. On the first day, the bank collected $ 30,000, and the city's population at that time was 300. In 1911, the bank was dissolved. Then he will become a branch of Burbank Security Trust & Savings Bank.

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