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King Mattress in Arcadia

The 20th Century Before the Second World War, Arcadia's population was about 500 in the early 20th century and its economy was based on entertainment, sports, hospitality and gambling. The latter, including the early version of Santa Anita's track. Baldwin was overseeing Arcadia in 1903 and his first mayor. Anoakia In 1913, Lucky's daughter, Anita Baldwin, built a 50-room house with a 19 hectare (77,000 m 2) Baldwin farm, which she inherited from her and called Anita and Oak. The 17,000 square kilometer apartment is in the Italian style Renaissance style, by Francois, by Maynard Dickson. The real estate had a considerable Greek bath / gym in the Renaissance style, with Parthenon colonnade, a large pool, garden and tent, kindergartens and stables, tennis courts and terraces, as well as native oak trees.

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