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King Mattress in Alhambra

2000 According to the Census, they were the ten largest blocks of the Los Angeles area, the largest percentage of Asian inhabitants - China, 70.6% - Monterey Park, 61.1% Cerritos, 58.3% Walnuts, 56.2% Rowland Heights, 51.7% San Gabriel, 48.9% Rosemead, 48.6% Alhambra, 47.2% San Marino, 46.8% Arcadia, 45.4% The city is governed by the five-person urban council. as elected mayor of the Council of Elders. Council members are appointed by district and are elected for four years. Half of the council seats are elected once every year, which is held three days after the first Monday of November in California's general election. The mayor is appointed by the city council and oversees the daily work of ten city departments, 400 employees, and a $ 145 million budget. Currently acting mayor Marko Yokoama is appointed in 2016.

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