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King Mattress in Agoura Hills

Agoura Hills is called the "National Monastery of Santa Monica Mountains". The city unofficially divides several diverse areas that are concentrated in the modern part of the city. The most famous part of these areas is Morrison Ranch, the city center, the forest clay, the southern end, the Malibu detachment, the Eastern Aguru and the Old Agurou. Nature The natural areas of the Agoura Mountains are part of the California Chaparral Eucalyptus and forested areas and are covered by hundreds of native plants, many of which are rare and others have become popular ornamental plants. It is located in the vast diversity of wildlife from the high up to the end of South California. The population of the mountains of Santa Monica (which includes the mountains of Mount Smith and Santa Susanna) is strictly limited and has only seven adults. The main cause of pressure was related to road traffic deaths (three killed during several months), antioxidants swallowed by two people Symi hills and attacked by a more dominant mountain, known as P1 , killed both his son and his assistant, this is considered to be because of the lack of space). Snakes are widespread, but they are sometimes found only in the southern Pacific. poisonous species, mountain royal serpent, the royal snake of California, the gopher snake and wrapped snake. In the mountains, there are also cherries of the western fence.

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