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icomfort mattress in monterey park

A mattress hardness table, a T or H (according to the English word "hardness") is used to indicate the mattress hardness. In the case of mattresses, we know 4 degrees of hardness, marked T1, T2, T3 and T4. T1 denotes soft mattress, T2 medium soft, T3 medium hard and T4 hard.

What mattress hardness is recommended for people of different body weights?

It has become clear that:

The T1 hardness mattress is designed for people under 60 kg, T2 - from 50 to 80 kg, T3 - from 70 to 110 kg, T4 - over 100 kg.

In practice, however, this is not a very clear line, because many people prefer a softer mattress. Seniors are also recommended to use softer mattresses than their body weight. This is related to the fact that older people are more aware of pressure, so a harder mattress would not be comfortable for them.

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