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1925 In the south-west corner of Grevillea and Manchester, a new visual art building was built, replacing Truy Candy cuisine 34, but it was seriously damaged in the Long Lake lake in 1933. It was later rehabilitated by WPA, which helped but lost its wonderful stairs and all the fireplaces. "Modern classrooms are built on Olive Street, it is very cold in winter and in a very fierce time." 41 In the western part of Kamus, which is later called "Kennock Fen," has been used for physical culture and sports. In 1937, farming lessons were completed on the farm, and the field of Saint Vineyard was allocated for sports. 30 In 1938 there were more than 3,000 pupils and 141 teachers at the general school. 43 and, from school principal James R. Haynes "He replaced Forrest Murdoch on Everett, Washington, as a leader and Fred Heysner as Managing Director. 49

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