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iComfort Mattress in Glendale

In 2014, Glendale was the ninth safe city in the United States based on a 24/7 report by Wall Street for violence crimes in more than 100,000 cities. In 2014, Movoto's real estate agency used FBI's 2013 crime data to conduct a survey of 100 US cities, from 126,047 to 210,309, and concluded that Glendale was America's most dangerous city. Glendale United School School operates in public schools in Glendale. GUSD high schools include Glendale High School, Herbert Hoover High School, Clark Magnet High School, La Cathedra High School, and Allan F. Dali's high school. There are also some private schools in Glendale, including the Chamlian Armenian School, the Holy Family High School, the Salem Lutheran School, and the Glendale Outskirts Academy. Glendale is also in the Glendale Community College.

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