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icomfort mattress in el monte

You can get the width of your comfortable sleeping mat by using the width of your shoulders at the back. If you're a tall man with hefty shoulders, a minimum mattress width of 90 centimeters will be little for you. The same is true if you know that you are rolling and stretching a lot at night.

The standard single-bed dimensions are 90 x 200 centimeters, double beds can be in different sizes - 140/160/180 x 200/210/220 centimeters. And if you need atypical mattress dimensions, it's not a problem to make a custom mattress today.

The height of the mattress is also an underestimated dimension. This depends mainly on the composition of the mattress, ie the quality of the mattress core, which determines its quality. The minimum height of the mattress is therefore 15 cm. If you come across a very thin mattress, get your attention. Such mattresses are usually very fast and their quality will be minimal.

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