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hybrid mattress in sierra madre

What are partner mattresses?

The mattress in this category is divided into two hardnesses, with one half of the mattress designed for a heavier person and therefore hard and less flexible, while the other half is designed for a lighter person and is therefore softer and more flexible. There is no need to buy two smaller mattresses. Also, we do not have to worry that after some time an unpleasant "space" will be created in the middle of the bed, into which we will fall. There is no need for compromises on comfort and sleep, which will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the partnership.

How does it work?

There is a simple rule: a partner mattress usually consists of two foams with different hardness and sometimes density. A typical example of such a mattress is the latest product from Matrasso - Viscogreen Lux Partner: two Biogreen natural foams with H3 and H2 hardness are attached to the mattress core, where the natural thermo-elastic Viscogreen foam is placed, allowing ideal sleep conditions for two people significantly differ in body weight.

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