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How does a sleep laboratory look like?

You simply take your pajamas and go to explore the reason you can't sleep. All night, a camera will be watching you in the lab and you will be stuck with sensors on your body to guard your inner marches.

However, before you can sit on a comfortable bed with antiallergic blankets, you will have to go to your first sleep lab where your doctor will ask you about your habits and habits. Be especially honest with him, don't be ashamed of your misgivings, no one will judge you, but you have to come up with the real cause of your sleep problems.

Typically, these are:

When did you start to see that you are sleeping poorly, what do you do to help you sleep better, have you ever visited a sleep counselor, have you undergone any of the therapies (eg Aromatherapy)? Do you have a regular day schedule? What hour do you wake up? If it's too early, can you fall asleep again? Or how long after you wake up and what's the last thing you eat? Do you have any serious psychological problems? Do you have someone in your family who suffers from dementia? Are you stressed and under pressure Are you a workaholic?

You may also wonder: