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hybrid mattress in el monte

How to choose a partner mattress

If you have the same weight and preferences with your partner, then you don't have to deal with anything. But that too often does not happen. Men are often bigger and heavier. Manufacturers of quality mattresses know this very well. That's why there are partner mattresses on the market that are divided into two hardnesses.

One half is for a heavier person, it is hard and less flexible. The other half is for a lighter person, it is softer and more flexible. This is one mattress for two people. So don't worry about the unpleasant empty space that can arise with two mattresses next to each other.

Choose mattress with regard to age

Age is an important factor in choosing the right mattress. For children, choose a stronger medium-hardness mattress because they need this type of mattress for healthy growth and development.

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