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hybrid mattress in arcadia

Just as there are herbs that you sweat more, there are also those that limit sweating. For example, you can drink sage tea either at bedtime or throughout the day. You prepare it from 200 ml of water, in which you boil one tablespoon of herbs. You can also try the leaves of walnut, oak bark, horsetail or lavender.

Equip yourself with the right mattress

Quarts of sweat that you sweat with every morning just don't disappear. Even if you regularly remove wet bedding from your bed, you often forget the most important part of the bed that remains soaked afterwards. Mattress. Unfortunately, this is not so easy to clean.

That's why don't underestimate the choice of mattress. When sweating excessively, the mattress should be made of breathable material. For example, we recommend trying a unique air foam with a unique thermoregulation property. These mattresses not only provide heat circulation but are also capable of adapting to body temperature.

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