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Full Mattress in West Hills

Neighborhood Parks Other Historical and Cultural Places Francis Lady Estate This is a former residential area with open air rooms, parks and grounds; and the horse stables and its plains. For many years the Leader was the Honorary Mayor of the Canoa Park (western hill). She retired from the theater and was a member of Los Angeles City Park Board of Directors. Historic buildings are located west of West Hills and Western Hills hospitals. Peppergate Ranch A 29 acres (120000 m 2) Peppergate Ranch was between Orkutt Ranch and Chatsworth Reservoir. The household has been designed by Chief Architect Paul R. By Williams (1894-1980) in the style of the farm. It was built in 1939 by Kelle's founder, Robert R. Taylor. For Craig. TR Craig Residence is Los Angeles Historical and Cultural Monument (No. 992), located in Pinelake Drive. In the 1960s, Peppergate Ranch was divided into Woodlake and Pinelake. Around Los Angeles

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