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Full Mattress in Pacoima

US Postal Service Pacoima Post CJSC is located on the beach of Van Nyus. From a political point of view, Pacoima is represented by Congressman Tony Cardinas, Bob Herzberg at the State Senate and in the Raul Bokanegro Meeting. The main transport routes through the district and the main transportation routes are the San Fernando Road, the Van Ness Beach, and the Laurila Canyon lake. California State Route 118 (Ronald Reagan) passes there and the community borders I-5 (Golden State). The Los Angeles Underground Transport Authority (LACMTA) provides bus transportation to Pacoima. Metro passes through Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road Rapid 744 and 794 meters respectively. Macro Local lines operate in Pacoima, 90, 91, 92, 94, 166, 224, 230, and 233. In 2027 Metro will open East San Fernando Valley's high-speed railway program, Laurel Canyon Boulevard and Van Nuys Boulevard, San Fernando Road and Van Nuys Boulevard and San Fernando Road Whitney Airport, Los Angeles City Civil Aviation Airport, is located in Pacoima.

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