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Causes of snoring

The main cause of snoring is blocked airflow during sleep caused by anatomical changes in the upper airways (nose, mouth, throat and larynx). This blockage can lead to dangerous sleep apnea syndrome. It results in insufficient oxygenation of the body and resulting disorders - daily drowsiness, morning headaches, weakened physical and intellectual functions.

Snoring and apnea should not be underestimated, but diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Untreated sleep apnea can have fatal consequences. Learn about symptoms and risks.

How is snoring treated?

There are many methods, although many do not produce the expected results because snoring has many causes. Sometimes, the operation of the nasal septum, sometimes a soft climate sculpture, the wearing of an orthodontic apparatus during sleep, or the removal of the frenid helps. In other cases, you need to sleep with an overpressure device that blows oxygen into your mouth.

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