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Full Mattress in Koreatown

Koreahun is considered to be ethnically diverse. Composition of Hispanics - 53.5%; Asians - 32.2%; white - 7.4%; black - 4.8% and so on - 2%. The most common births in Korea (28.6%) and Mexico (23.9%) are 68% of people born abroad and this indicator is generally relatively high in the city. In 2008, the average US dollar earnings amounted to $ 30,558, which is lower for Los Angeles, and the percentage of households with less than 20,000 salary is high. In the reporting period, the average weight of households was approximately the same as in the rest of the city. The tenants occupied 93% of the residential houses and the remaining owners of houses or apartments. The percentage of men and women was 44.6% and 36.2% respectively, the highest in the district. 2000 There were 2,833 military or 3.3%, which is lower for Los Angeles.

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