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Full Mattress in Glendale

1994 Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katsenberger and David Gefen created DreamWorks SKG, a diverse entertainment company. The DreamWorks animation remains on the Grand Central Business Center in the center of the city, with a helicopter landing in the former occupied pillar post (and next to KABC-TV). Thus, many American animators working in the 1990s and 2000s have spent most of their careers in Glendale working for Disney or DreamWorks. 2005 The construction started in Heleria, USA Development Center, 63 hectares (63,000 m2), where shops and residential buildings are located. Caruso previously designed and built a Grove at the Farmers' Market. New Glendale Building opens in 2008 On May 2, there are 75 shops and restaurants, 238 apartments, 100 air conditioners and 18 theater theaters, which represent 3000 people.

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