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Love and sleep in adults

The research described above was performed on a group of teenagers aged 17-18. Researchers wanted to find out if the same effect occurs in the case of the popularity of mature people who already have their first love behind. With this in mind, they reiterated their research in 2015 and found that there is no role to play here. Even in adulthood we behave like teenagers in a state of affection. At the same time, our sleep changes the same - we are less awake at night, we are in a better mood and we are not sleepy during the day.

You are in love? Sleep for Health!

In addition, however, it was found that popularity strengthens depressive symptoms. Sleep is responsible for regulating the emotions with which a person likes to do what he wants. So a healthy and valuable rest will help overcome any depressive symptoms that we might experience in "emotional affairs."

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