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Full Mattress in El Monte

2000 According to the Census, there were 115,965 people living in the city, 27,034 households and 23,005 families. The density of the population per square mile (4688.4 / km²) was 12,139.5 people. There are 27,758 residential units, with a median density of 2,905.8 square kilometers (1,122.2 / km2). The city's racist makeup is 72.39% of the population, Spanish or Latino, any 35.67% white, 4.9% white white, 0.77% black or African American, 1.38% native American, 18.51 Asian, 0.12% Pacific Ocean, 39.27% of the other tribes and 4.29% from two or more tribes. There were 27,034 families in families, of which 53.3% lived with children under the age of 18, 57.0% were married, 18.5% were without husbands and 14.9% did not have a family. 10.9% of all households are composed of people, and 4.9% live alone, aged 65 or more. The average family size was 4.24 people, and the average family size was 4.43.

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