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Full Mattress in Calabasas

Calabasas residents are divided into the Las Vegas School of the United States. The area also serves as Agoura Hills, Bell Canyon and Hidden Hills, as well as some smaller areas. The Calabasas high school is part of it. 2004 In January, Alice S. Stella Middle School, located on the Mulholland highway and at the corner of Paul Revere Street, was opened in the eastern part of the city. The western half serves on Arthur Andrew Wright High School, on the Las Vegas road, which was the only high school in the city until 2004. Calabasas also has Chaparral, Round Meadow, Lupine Hill, and Bay Laurel public primary schools that are part of the Las Vegas Unified School District as well as the Viewpoint private school. City Center 2008 In July, the construction of the Citizen Center and the LEED Gold certified library complex were completed in the city. 100 Civic Center Way is a two-storey building with the first urban and green building built for the California Civic Center. The complex is about $ 45 million. This indicator includes the direct purchase of the land on which the complex is located.

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