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Full Mattress in Arcadia

James Dobson, a former resident of Arcadia, founded Focus in 1977 for a family-based non-profit Christian service. Its original office is still on the southern side of the Foothill Boulevard. The concentration has grown to large areas, and over the years, Monrovia has expanded into a storage space, moving from Arcadia until 1990. The center now focuses on the Colorado family of Colorado. but still has thousands of members at Arcadia. In the late 1990s, native American activists threatened to challenge the Arcadian high school by using Apache Talisman. The school uses indigenous American symbols including Apache Joe Talisman, Pow Wow School, Apache News, Smoke Signals Information Panels, Apache Princess Support Team Marches, Native Americans and Activists. Many members of the Arcadian community are perceived as an offensive amongst the main drunken Apache football team fans as offensive. Other natives and some American elementary school graduates were not against their use. The school was consulting with some Native American groups, making some concessions, but did not change the talisman. Arcadia high school holds a charity event for the Apache community.

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