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Firm Mattress in West Los Angeles

Los Angeles and Community 2004 The map, composed by Los Angeles Alma, represents West Los Angeles as the southern neighborhood of Santa Monica Blb and north of the Clover City and Palma district. Century City, Rancho Park and Cheviot Hills are displayed (without borders) as Los Angeles neighborhoods. The area is out of the I-405 west of Sawtelle. According to the Los Angeles Cartographic Department of Los Angeles, the population of Sawtelle is 2.69 square meters. Miles is 35,844, and in 2008 - 38,698 people. Planning: His density was 13.319 people per square mile, meanwhile in Los Angeles, but at the highest density. The percentage of Asians living in the neighborhood is very high and the area is very diverse compared to the Los Angeles and Los Angeles region. Mexico (29.0%) and Iran (13.8%) are the most common foreign births. It is noteworthy that 49.8% of the population aged 25 and over have a 4-year-old, which is high in the city of Los Angeles and is high for the region. The percentage of women never born and never born is the highest in the region.

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